Triplane Turmoil II
Triplane Turmoil II



Q: What is this all about?
A: A truly unique hardcore pseudo-3D arcade flying game with depth, challenge and wacky missions unlike any other indie game on the market! This is an official sequel for "our" old shareware (freeware these days) game Triplane Turmoil. Google it up and give it a spin if old games don't scare you too much!

Triplane Turmoil II is a "Sopwith style" game, with 3D representation. Here are some of the features:

  • Tear your aerial foes apart in a fierce dog-fight with your machine guns, lay waste on the enemy buildings with your bombs, take precious pictures of enemy encampments and more!
  • 6 different countries:
    • Germany
    • Finland
    • Japan
    • Russia
    • Britain
    • America
  • 30 Multiplayer maps
    • Local game, with maximum of 4 players
    • Network game, with maximum of total 18 players (Under Construction)
  • 6 Exclusive career missions for all countries, resulting in massive amount of 36 single-player only missions!
  • Multiplayer ladder and global shared scores split into 3 different levels: National, regional and global
  • Players are now more part of a "bigger picture" than in in prequel, as infantry is now in much more larger role. Expect such things as medics, undertakers and taskforces!
  • TONS of playable fun for just a price of few movie tickets!

Q: Where can I get it and how much it is supposed to cost?
A: The game is mid-priced and shareware, released by ourselves! If you didn't know already, Draconus is a proud Indie-Developer, with it's current HQ in Finland, North Europe. The game is also in limited retail distribution here in Finland.

Ladder account is included with the purchased game, so there are no extra fees or payments required for the ladder usage!

For better and more detailed information see Purchase Information and FAQ section below.

Q: So there is a CD/box edition!
A: Yes! And guess what; It's only a little more expensive, AND shipping & handling + ladder account is included! NO EXTRA FEES! HOORAY!

Q: Man, this is HARD!
A: It is, a little :) But all missions are possible to complete, and it just takes some time to get used to the controls and find all the fine details we included! When you understand how the enemy Anti-Air (for example) works, you start to find ways to get upper hand!

Purchase Information and FAQ

You can find the online-store here. There are two different versions available: Download only, and Download + Boxed Edition.

  • DOWNLOAD ONLY costs $19.95
  • DOWNLOAD + BOXED EDITION costs $24.95. And that really includes all shipping & handling fees!

If we know other places, such as retailers we'll try to list them here as well!

The users in community have provided an excellent purchasing instruction for Finnish Customers! (in Finnish): Click me if you dare!

Community Information

We are currently residing in, a lovely and stable network. Most likely there will be a dedicated channel later on where people can meet each other, arrange network games etc. If you are unsure about IRC or don't know what it is, please ask our friend Mr. Google again; He has all the information for your needs, and even more!

Draconus Entertainment's official forum on has an already steadily growing user-base and a separate section for Triplane II, and you're naturally welcome to join in! Participate in highlights, such as boasting your latest endeavours like why you got the high score in some certain mission!


Dear Martha,

I am writing to you from my lonely bunk at the barracks. Our squadron moved here last night, and we have only about twelve hours before we fly towards the front. I'll try to get some sleep as soon as I finish this letter.

My wingmates are saying that this conflict will be much larger than in Triplane Turmoil I. We're even expecting to see some Russians tomorrow. One of our ground squirrels returned with a picture of their machine. Not a match for the superior English plane, I'm sure.

Our old enemies, the Germans, are also on the move. Their Dreidekkers have been spotted in a town not far from here, and they're filling the radio frequencies with their marching music. Some sightings of the Japanese forces have also been reported. Worst of all, rumors have spread that the dreaded Finnish army is also approaching our positions...

But that's not even all. Some unidentified planes have been sighted by our naval vessels. Their colours resemble no plane we've seen before. At this point, we can only guess who they are.

Darn, I'm starting to wonder how we'll all even fit up there! There's going to be a lot of planes in the air, and each can be controlled over TCP/IP by a skillful pilot. We've set up a ranking table with my wingmates, so we can compare our skills with other aces around the world. We call it a "ladder". But heck, here are so many of us in here, that we'll probably have to split the screen in four parts to get everyone on their way!

But now it's almost time for bed. We're hearing sounds of gunfire over the nearby mountains, and that could mean we'll have to get up sooner than we had planned.

Please write back soon, and pray for me.



Report #2 made by TAF Intelligence Operatives

It is clearly indicated that a sequel for an old Finnish shareware game called Triplane Turmoil is truly under development

This operation seems to be done by a company named Draconus Entertainment, more info of them in appendix A

It seems like the gameplay is going to be 2D, but the visuals are in 3d and we have to admit, it looks really remarkable

Speculation also indicates they plan to take over the world by including a TCP/IP multiplayer feature

A classified plane preview document can be seen in appendix B

Few of our agents managed to infiltrate the development grounds, and take two photographs. Contact lost, agents are considered M.I.A.

In appendix C we can clearly identify a German flying circus member, and appendix D is identified as Finnish plane taking off from an empty airfield. The unnatural row of barrels is classified as high-level military threat. HQ rates bombs on german civilian plane also rather suspicious.

The Germans seem to be rather sure of their victory, as they seem to be already having victory rehearsals. This short radio interception recording is evidence. The band is rather good as live, which worries HQ the least. Remeber, it is forbidden to buy enemy records; Insubordination will not be tolerated.

End of Report

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